Susie Singer Carter is a Los Angeles native and UCLA alum who runs her own production company, Go Girl Media, She and her partner, Don Priess, also LA homegrown, have developed and produced pilots for cable and network television that include: DOGGIE STYLE for Lifetime, THE JACK AND JILL EXPERIMENT for Fox Reality, GAGSTERS for Warner Bros, and IT’S JUST A MOVIE for the E! Entertainment network. Susie is probably best known for co-producing highly acclaimed feature film, SOUL SURFER for Sony Pictures. Together, Susie and Don earned high praise for writing and producing, CAKE and DANCE REVOLUTION on the CBS’ Super Secret Saturday Morning Block, and proudly walked the GREEN CARPET when CAKE was nominated for a prestigious Environmental Media Award in the category of Children’s Live Action Television. Following that, Susie co-wrote and associate-produced BRATZ: THE MOVIE for Lionsgate and Avi Arad. Susie and Don are currently pitching an animated pilot that they created, wrote and produced for Fox TV Studios called SURVIVING HAWKING, starring Bryan Cranston, Adam Brody and Christine Taylor.

With a primary focus on kids and family brands, Rollman Entertainment is developing and producing a wide range of projects that will both delight and engage audiences in today’s multi-platform universe. Rollman Entertainment strategizes with major brands to connect with kids and families by creating, designing, producing and distributing live action and animated content, which reimagines, extends and connects with new audience demos. Clients and partners include: NFL, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Broadway Video, Dentsu, and Tyler Perry/Lionsgate. Projects in market are NFL Rush Zone, Sea Rescue, The Wildlife Docs, and Iesodo.

Cosmic Toast Studios is a full-service independent animation studio located in Burbank, CA whose talented staff of artists and producers specialize in all levels of the animation pipeline, including conceptualization, story, character design, storyboarding, voice over, and animation. Cosmic Toast Studios prides itself in creating and maintaining close relationships with clients to nurture an environment of creativity and community at all stages of production. Cosmic Toast Studios’ current list of clients include, MGA, Skechers, Starz Digital Media, Leap Frog, Splash Entertainment and Maker Studios.